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by Hannah Kelley

Hey Girl!

Welcome to Coffee and Catwalk!  I’m Hannah.  I’m a Southern girl, fashion enthusiast, wife, and Mom to an adorable and sassy 4-year-old little girl.  Here at Coffee and Catwalk you will find loads of fashion stuff, including the latest trends, styles, and fashion sales.  I consider this a fashion and lifestyle blog, so you will also find articles covering everything from home décor to travel, and of course all things MOM!

If you’re wondering why my blog is called Coffee and Catwalk, well, that’s a good question!  Me and coffee go way back.  Some of my favorite memories involve coffee: my first date with my husband, late-night chats with my Mom, and cappuccino study sessions with friends in grad school.  Coffee just makes life better!

While I love fashion and coffee, my greatest passion is my family.  I’m married to my best friend (Yes, a bit cliché, but true).  Our daughter is our world.  Bella is sweet and silly, and every day I thank God for making me her Mom.

When not chasing Bella or searching for the latest style trends, I teach American and World history to college students.  I love teaching!  I’ve always enjoyed telling stories, and history is a compilation of stories.  It’s the perfect job for me!

This blog will involve storytelling, too.  I will share the story of my life. Fashion has its own story, and I can’t wait to show you fashion has influenced MY story!


So, grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy!