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Comfort in the Chaos

by Hannah Kelley
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Comfort in the Chaos

As I type this, my 3 year-old is lining up all her My Little Ponies (she’s obsessed!) on my dining room rug.  She lovingly talks to them, explaining to each one that they need sun lotion so that they don’t burn.  You may be thinking, “how cute!”  Believe me, I thought so too.   But then I saw her pulling out a bottle of Cerave cream.  She insists on putting the cream on the horses, and will not even consider just pretending to apply it.  So, here’s the conundrum: do I stick to my guns and refuse to let her have the lotion?  Or, do I go against my better judgement and let her cream’em up?  Guess which option I chose?

Yep, you got it, the horses got their suntan lotion!  This totally goes against my nature.  I DO NOT like messes!  However, children are messy.  I think it’s a law of nature or something.  As a Mom, I’ve had to learn to let go of many preconceived notions.  For me, a clean house no longer means spotless and pristine.  Now, I consider my house clean as long as the dishes are in the dishwasher and there is a path to the couch.  Do I have a mess to deal with from letting my child put lotion on her ponies?  You bet!  But I have learned to find comfort in the chaos.

I want to cultivate my daughter’s creativity.  I want to see where her imagination leads her.  And, this is really important, I find that Bella is more independent during playtime when I let her play her own way.  One day she will be grown, and I know that I will pine for these days of chaos.  Because, with kids, there truly is comfort in the chaos.




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