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White booties and monochrome details

by Hannah Kelley
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Hi all!  I will be the first to admit that I just wasn’t so sure about this white bootie trend.  Yes, it’s big this fall, and it is different, but really??  White booties, in the fall and winter…just wasn’t my thing.

Then, it happened.  I saw THE pair of boots, white even, that I just had to have!  I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Shana Draugelis, creator of  The Mom Edit, wearing them and they were perfect.  They do come in black, which I always gravitate toward with my outfits, but these were just. so. cool.




Seriously, I had to abandon my no-white-booties principle, but it was worth it.

It has taken awhile to get used to white booties.  They tend to cut your leg off in an awkward way, so they can make your legs look stumpy, especially if you are wearing a sock boot.

The solution???  A monochrome outfit!




The various shades of grey produce a long, clean line, but are broken up with the plaid shirt.  If you want to try the white bootie trend in a subtle, understated way, go monochrome.



The ducks were soooo disappointed that we didn’t have food for them!


I am a white bootie convert.  I find that I reach for these booties more often than my trusty black ones, and even my pattered booties.  They go with everything, and really do make a statement!

They would be gorgeous for the holidays.  I’m thinking a red dress, or blue jeans and a navy velvet shirt, if you want to go more casual.  They would also be perfect with leggings and a frilly top.

Have any of you tried white booties?  If so, send along a picture of how you styled them!









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