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by Hannah Kelley
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Get to know me

Hi!  I’m Hannah Kelley, coffee drinker, fashion enthusiast, and mom to a precocious three-year old little girl (thus the need for coffee)!  When I’m not chasing my daughter around the playground, I teach history to college students.  I love telling stories, which is why I got into history.  In fact, I love story-telling so much that my husband and I named our first cat Story.

I enjoy talking history with my students, or anyone else who will listen for that matter.  But, the problem with history is that I’m always telling someone else’s story.  I want to tell my own tale.  Let’s face it, it is unlikely that I am going to go down in the annals of history as a distinguished figure.  That’s fine.  No biggie.  Still, I have a story to tell of a well-lived life.  And that’s where the blog comes in!!

I was born and raised in small-town Virginia.  I did spend a few years during graduate school in the bustling city of Worcester, Ma.  While I learned a lot about academia during my time there, I also discovered that I am a small town girl at heart (cue John Mellencamp).  I came home, married my preacher’s son, Jeremy, and settled down to our ordinary, extraordinary life!  Before having Bella, we adopted 3 cats, and most recently we rescued a 2-year-old retired racing greyhound named Echo.

Life is busy, with its fair share of highs and lows.  I want to utilize this blog to provide a little lightness into your hectic day.  Drop by here when you want to see the latest fashion trends (and how I am interpreting them).  You’ll also find info on interior decorating, food, and of course mom life.  So, grab a cup of coffee (you know I will!), sit back and enjoy!



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